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The costs of the 2018 International Geography Bee World Championships are as follows:

1400 USD – International Geography Bee World Championships (6 nights lodging from July 11-17, does not include night of July 17)

2475 USD – Combined registration for International Geography Bee World Championships & International History Olympiad (11 nights lodging from July 11-22, does not include night of July 22)

130 USD – Supplement for students staying over on night of July 17. Includes meals through lunch on July 17 and chance to take part in museum visits on the late afternoon of July 17.

295 USD – Supplement for students staying on until July 19. Includes lodging on nights of July 17 and 18, chance to take part in museum visits on the late afternoon of July 17, all meals through lunch on July 19, and visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and Memorial on July 18.

**** These prices only apply to the first 130 students and/or students who register by April 10! After April 10, we need to give the youth hostel a fixed number of registrants, so the price isn’t guaranteed after that point. Note that there is not a maximum number of students who can come and compete, but that after the first 130 students, or for students registering after April 10, we cannot guarantee space in the youth hostel, and would then need to find alternate lodging arrangements which might be more expensive. ****

Other Notes:

1. These costs include all the meals from dinner on July 11. Breakfast and/or Lunch can be purchased that day for $10 USD each for early arrivals. Dinner (for those leaving after 8pm) on July 17 is available for $12 USD.

2. It is not permitted to stay at a spot apart from our group unless you live in and/or attend school in the city of Berlin. Students who live or attend school in the city of Berlin can take part as day students for 50% of the posted prices. This does not include overnight accommodations or breakfast (it does include lunch and dinner). Students taking part in this option are responsible for their own transportation (i.e. we will not provide chaperones or cover prices) between their homes and venues.

3. There is no charge for airport (Tegel or Schönefeld) or train station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof) bus station (or Central Bus Station) pick up or drop off during standard times. However, for departures leaving after 10pm or before 8am, an extra $50 fee applies.

4. There is the option to stay one extra night at the start (July 10).  The extra night includes up to 3 meals (i.e. from dinner on July 10). The extra night costs $115 per night. Pickups and drop offs at airports or bus/train stations are still included with the usual surcharge for pickups / drop offs outside normal hours.

5. We accept the following methods of payment: US dollar check, wire transfer, credit card or Paypal. For payments by wire transfer, a 30 USD fee applies. All wire transfers must be paid in US dollars, namely, the amount we receive must be the amount owed in US dollars, plus the transfer fee. If your bank charges additional fees, these must be taken into account in addition to this. For payments by credit card and Paypal, a $50 USD processing fee applies.

6. Instructions regarding submitting payment by check and wire transfer will be forwarded to participants upon registration, while for credit cards and PayPal, you can pay after (this will open in fall 2017) registering here.

7. Late Fees & Refund Policy: No student will be allowed to compete unless all payments and applicable late fees have been paid prior to July 10! Payments are due by July 1. For payments not received by July 5 (to allow for a four-day grace period), a $100 late fee applies. As for refunds, we can refund payments in full, minus a $100 processing fee until May 15. From May 15-June 20, we can issue a 50% refund for payment. After June 20, no refunds will be given for any reason.