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The inaugural International Geography Bee World Championships will be held on July 11-17, 2018 in Berlin, Germany with events being held at the Berlin Brandenburg International School (on July 15-17) and around Berlin. July 11 will be the arrival day; students may arrive at any point in time during that day, but must be in Berlin by that evening. For early arrivals there are a few events that day too, though no official competitions. It is possible to compete in both the International History Olympiad and the IGB World Championships if you are qualified for both! 

An updated draft of the schedule of events for the 2018 International Geography Bee World Championships has now been posted here on May 28, 2018.

We can confirm that all of the competitions listed in this draft will take place, though we reserve the right to rearrange the order if needed. Sightseeing plans are subject to change, but the final sightseeing arrangements will strongly resemble what is shown here on the schedule. Additionally, we will be making arrangements for the Closing Ceremonies, Guest Speakers, and Special Events on a continual basis from now through Spring 2018. Schedule drafts will be updated as further arrangements are finalized.

Additional information (including where students will stay, costs, event descriptions, logistics, and more) will be posted on a continuous basis from now through the beginning of the IGB World Championships. Note the following though:
1. In contrast with the International History Olympiad, all competition events on the IGB World Championships calendar are mandatory for all competing students.
2. Three separate events: the Intl. Geography Exam, the Intl. Geography Showdown, and the Intl. Geography Quiz will together constitute the official IGB World Championship title. There will also be a medals table for all events kept by country. As is the case at the International History Olympiad, students from the USA will compete for their home states unless they have a foreign passport and wish to compete for their country of citizenship.

List of Registered Students (Students in the USA compete for their state; other students or students in the USA with non-US passports who wish to do so compete for their countries)

The following students are registered for the 2018 International Geography Bee World Championships. This list will be updated continually through the end of June 2018. Last updated on May 26, 2018.

no * or # = Varsity (27 students as of May 26)
* = Junior Varsity (49 students as of May 26)
# = Middle School (53 students as of May 26)

1. Dhruv Nistala, Westwood High School, TX, USA *
2. Anita Shanker, Mountain Lakes High School, NJ, USA
3. Dylan Tynes, C.E. Byrd High School, LA, USA 
4. Vaibhav Hariram, Cedar Fork Elementary, NC, USA #
5. Aarush Zarabi, Williams Elementary School, CA USA #
6. Vijay Siddharth, NPS International School, Singapore (playing for India)
7. Avi Goel, Silver Creek High School, CA, USA #
8. Ram Gindzin, Forest Hills Central School, MI, USA *
9. Drake Nemorin, Emmaus Christian College, Australia #
10. Rohith Madhuker, Carnage Middle School, NC, USA #
11. Kaylan Patel, Windermere Preparatory School, FL, USA #
12. Anish Deshpande, Masconomet Regional Middle School, MA, USA #
13. Saket Pochiraju, Olentangy Orange Middle School, OH, USA #
14. Satvik Pochiraju, Olentangy Meadows Elementary School, OH, USA #
15. Pranav Kanmadikar, duPont Manual High School, KY, USA *
16. Nishita Belur, Challenger Strawberry Park, CA, USA *
17. Ved Muthusamy, Hillside Middle School, MI, USA #
18. Anabel Mellinger, Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, Switzerland *
19. Pranavkrishna Bharanidharan, California Montessori Project, CA, USA #
20. Rhea Mitr, Quarry Lane School, CA, USA *
21. Justin Ahn, Dulwich College Seoul, South Korea #
22. Adrija Kundu, John Adams Middle School, NJ, USA #
23. Kishan Kalaria, Trinity Valley School, TX, USA *
24. Gauri Garg, Logan High School, UT, USA
25. Ankit Garg, Bear River Charter School, UT, USA *
26. Nishita Belur, Archbishop Mitty High School, CA, USA *
27. Ramudi Samarasekera, Elizabeth Moir School, Sri Lanka
28. Lucy Chae, Newton South High School, MA, USA *
29. Dillon George, Glenelg Country School, MD, USA *
30. Neel Date, India International School in Tokyo, Japan *
31. Kevin Li, St. George’s School, Canada
32. Calvin Yang, Unionville High School, Canada * (playing for China)
33. Maverick Cheong Kok Rui, Saint Maur International School, Japan *
34. William Yang, Urbana High School, MD, USA *
35. Ahilan Eraniyan, Homeschool, CA, USA #
36. Arjun Nathan, Skyline High School, WA, USA *
37. Douglas Simons, High Technology High School, NJ, USA
38. Kevin Zheng, Harrow International School, Hong Kong * (playing for China)
39. Rahul Yohhan Kumarasinghe, The Bromfield School, MA, USA
40. Daniel Lu, Great Neck South High School, NY, USA
41. Tristan Meitzler, Glenelg Country School, MD, USA
42. Joshua Joseph, Coppell High School, TX, USA *
43. Martin Brandenburg, Takoma Park Middle School, MD, USA #
44. Alexander Chen, Newark Academy, NJ, USA *
45. Peter Blanchfield, St. Paul Academy, MN, USA
46. Romal Mitr, Quarry Lane School, CA, USA #
47. Virgile Goldberg, Lycée Français de Singapour, Singapore #
48. Anshul Jhingan, NPS International School, Singapore *
49. Maxim Nakhapetian, Zurich International School, Switzerland #
50. Dario DeCosmo, Suffield High School, CT, USA
51. John Phipps, Darien High School, CT, USA * (playing for Argentina)
52. Filip Firlej, Collège André Cobert, France # (playing for Poland)
53. Alex Schmidt, Lehigh Valley Academy, PA, USA
54. Joaquin Padilla, International School Manila, Philippines *
55. Ian Chow, University of Toronto Schools, Canada
56. Manan Bulani, NPS International School, Singapore #
57. Paul Byron, AltSchool, NY, USA #
58. Toby Chan, Shanghai High School International Division, China *
59. Rajiv Pujara, Hindley Elementary School, CT, USA #
60. Johnny Miri, Holy Family Catholic School, TX, USA #
61. Alexander Fezza, Biotechnology High School, NJ, USA
62. Anoushka Buddhikot, Bridgewater Raritan Middle School, NJ, USA #
63. Leandros Manwaring, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, NJ #
Zachary Rosman, Irvington High School, NY, USA *
65. Alejandro Gabriel D. Espino, International Christian Academy, Philippines *
66. AJ Manning, Bartow IB High School, FL, USA
67. Supasilp Jothaprasert, International Community School, Thailand *
68. Rohil Bhinge, W.T. Woodson High School, VA, USA *
69. Samik Bhinge, Frost Middle School, VA, USA #
70. Harikrishnan Sanil, Troy High School, MI, USA *
71. Tejas Badgujar, Hampton High School, PA, USA
72. Ashvin Tigga, Valley Christian High School, CA, USA *
73. Vishal Sagi, Vandergrift High School, TX, USA *
74. Abhivir Arvind Iyer, Palo Verde Elementary, CA, USA #
75. Marcell Maitinsky, Westmount Secondary School, Canada *
76. Pranav Arunandhi, International Academy Okma Campus, MI, USA *
77. Vincent Cheng, Saratoga High School, CA, USA
78. Arun Sundaresan, Harker School, CA, USA *
79. Disha Nistala, Noel Grisham Middle School, TX, USA #
80. Grace Rödsjö, Nord Anglia School Dubai, UAE #
81. Akshath Kandadai, Stratford Sunnyvale Middle School, CA, USA #
82. Trent Hazard Giacalone, Palos Verdes High School, CA, USA *
Samir Mechel, Westmount Secondary School, Canada
84. Connor Oaklander, Saratoga High School, CA, USA
85. Puja Chopade, Discovery Middle School, AL, USA #
86. Matthew Chambers, Grand Junction High School, CO, USA
87. Srikrishna Darbha, College Station Middle School, TX, USA #
88. Thanuj Komatireddy, Vena Avenue Elementary & Gifted/High-Ability Magnet School, CA, USA #
89. Lee Hao Yang, Prince of Wales Island International School, Malaysia #
90. Villace Chan Jien Zhen, Prince of Wales Island International School, Malaysia #
91. Samanyu Dixit, Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy, NC, USA #
92. Rohan Rao, Ann Hawkins Gentry Middle School, MO, USA #
93. Rohan Razdan, Sanford School, DE, USA
94. Nishaanth Krishnan, Beckman High School, CA, USA *
95. Roy Zhu, Boston College High School, MA, USA *
96. Arjun Rishi, Stratford School, St. Joseph, CA, USA #
97. Victor Tong, St. George’s School, Canada *
98. Jacob Keane Lontoc, Academe of Donna Christine, Philippines #
99. Liam Starnes, Barrington High School, IL, USA #
100. Jackson Baldwin, The Honor Roll School, TX, USA #
101. Neha Chopade, Discovery Middle School, AL, USA #
102. Paul Phanachet, NIST International School, Thailand *
103. Ray Wong, Kang Chiao International School, Taiwan *
104. Sebastian Tolle, Christ the King Catholic School, TX, USA #
105. Justin Patrick E. Salazar, Menlo Park Academy, OH, USA #
106. William Hu, University of Toronto Schools, Canada #
107. Alex Mitchell, Oak Hill Academy, NJ, USA #
108. Siddharth Kamannavar, Stratford School, CA, USA #
109. Malhaar Moharir, University of Toronto Schools, Canada
110. Juan Carlo Galo Landayan, Philippine International School – Qatar, Qatar *
111. Renzvic Semacio, Philippine International School – Qatar, Qatar
112. Jonathan Fang, Taipei Fuhsing Private School, Taiwan *
113. Shih-Chia Lee, Pu Tai Senior High School, Taiwan *
114. Brian Kao, Pu Tai Senior High School, Taiwan #
115. Noah Liu, Westlake High School, TX, USA *
116. Andrew Lebowitz, Harvey School, NY, USA *
117. Dawson Lute, Kalamazoo Christian Middle School, MI, USA
118. I-Lin Simon Lee, Pu Tai Senior High School, Taiwan *
119. Shuan-Lin Chen, Kang Chiao International School #
120. Chih-Hsuan Cheng, Kang Chiao International School, Taiwan #
121. Wesley Zhang, Canyon Crest Academy, CA, USA *
122. Seth Buikema, Timothy Christian High School, IL, USA
123. Nason Li, Concordia International School Shanghai, China #
124. Praneeta Nalluri, Blue Valley North High School, KS, USA
125. Blair Yu, Pu Tai Senior High School, Taiwan *
126. Varun Gupta, N.K. Bagrodia Public School – Rohini, India *
127. Sreesa Virinchi, University of Toronto Schools, Canada #
128. Dave Arthur, University Lake School, WI, USA #
129. Angus Paterson, Abbey Park High School, Canada