If you live in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Oceania (excluding New Zealand), or any oceanic island over 200 kilometers from a continental mainland that is not a state or dependency of the USA, and would like to have a chance to qualify for the International Geography Bee’s World Championships, please email us at nolwenn@iacompetitions.com¬†For students in these regions, it is possible to take the IGB World Championships Qualifying Exam at their school with a teacher or administrator proctoring the Exam. This option is free of charge. Students must score above at least a 75 out of 100 to qualify, or otherwise, finish with at least a score of 50 and be the highest scorer from within their country or territory as of 1 March, 2018. The IGB World Championships Qualifying Exam is similar in style, content, rules, and difficulty to the Qualifying Exam used to qualify students for the IGB’s Asian or European Championships. A sample version of the World Championships Qualifying Exam is available here along with its answer key. Two versions of the Qualifying Exam exist. Students must obtain a passing score on either.