Below we’ve listed some Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully, the information below, as well as on the other pages of this website will answer most of your questions about how the International Geography Bee works. If you are still confused about something, please email and we’ll not only respond to you, but add your question to the FAQ page if it’s something that would apply to other participants as well.

1.Who is the International Geography Bee’s Asian Division meant for?

Any primary or secondary student with an interest in geography is welcome to compete. Students must be enrolled in a primary or secondary school and not have already graduated high school at the time they take the Online Regional Qualifying Exam or compete in the Regional Finals tournament. Students who graduate between the time they take the Exam or compete in the Regional Finals and the next IGB Asian championships may still compete at the next Asian Championships.

2. Which age divisions can students compete in?

Within Asia, the International Geography Bee consists of 4 age divisions, defined as follows for the 2023-24 school year (these correspond to the International History Bee and Bowl’s age divisions within Asia):

-Varsity (for students born before 1 September, 2007)

-Junior Varsity (for students born from 1 September, 2007 to 31 August, 2009)

-Middle School (for students born from 1 September, 2009 to 31 August, 2011)

-Elementary (for students born from 1 September, 2011 and later)

There is no younger age limit, though students should look over the sample Qualifying Exam and the samples of the buzzer-style questions to see if the difficulty level is appropriate for them.)

3. If I am a citizen of a country where I do not live or attend school, can I compete in the geographic division of IGB that corresponds to the country of my citizenship? Can I compete in multiple divisions?

Students may only compete in one geographic division of IGB in any given school year. If they have citizenship of a country outside the division where they attend school, then they may compete in either the one division or the other, but not both.

4. Can homeschooled students compete?
Yes, absolutely! All homeschooled students who are studying a primary or secondary education course of study may compete. Since the International Geography Bee is a competition for individual students, it doesn’t matter if you are homeschooled or attend a school, nor does it matter if other students from your homeschool association (or school for that matter) compete or not.

5. My school won’t fund me or give its official approval; does this matter?
Not as far as the International Geography Bee is concerned. As long as you, a parent, or someone else pays for your entry fee, and you appear on time for your competition, you can compete. If you prefer that your name is not listed on the website in order to prevent a hassle at your school, we can do this too – just let us know at

6. Which stages does the International Geography Bee have?
The International Geography Bee has four different stages: the Online Regional Qualifying Exam, the Regional Finals, the Asian Championships and the World Championships (the International Geography Championships). You can find more details here.