Registration for the International Geography Bee Online Regional Finals in Asia will open here once the first tournaments of the 2021-2022 academic year are scheduled.

Click here to access the registration form. Tournaments will be added to the form once they are scheduled.

Results of IGB Regional Quiz Tournaments in Asia can be found here.

The Online Regional Regional Finals provide an alternate way for students to qualify for the 2022 International Geography Bee Asian Championships in June and the 2022 International Geography Bee Championships in August. Students can certainly still continue to qualify through the Championships Qualifying Exams (only available at our in-person IHBB regional tournaments).

All IGB Regional Finals consist of 3 preliminary rounds of 30 questions in the Varsity and Junior Varsity Divisions (25 in the Middle School Division) and then 1 final round of 30 (or 25) questions for the top students. All students play in all three of the preliminary rounds; the number who make the final will vary from 3-10 based on turnout in each division.
Aside from the geographic focus, the rules are the same as the regional tournaments of the International History Bee. Please see the History Bee website if you are interested in competing in additional history-themed quiz competitions. A copy of the rules for the IGB Regional Quiz Tournaments is available here. For sample questions to practice with, please see the past questions used at our Asian Championships and Regional Quiz Tournaments.


Dates will be posted soon!

If you are interested in holding an International Geography Bee in-person Regional Quiz Tournament in your city, please contact to inquire about details on hosting a tournament. Hosting is largely just a matter of providing the classrooms, and then a certain number of your students can play free of charge.

Costs and Registration

Click here to access the registration form. Tournaments will be added to the form once they are scheduled.

The participation fee in all cases is $30 USD per student.
The participation fee can be paid via Flywire or otherwise sent by wire transfer (which must be paid in USD) to the account provided on the invoice; a $35 USD wire transfer fee applies regardless of how many students are being registered from a school.

For questions or more information, please contact Good Luck!