2020 IGB Nationals – Middle School & Elementary School Divisions

The 2020 Middle School and Elementary US National Championships of the International Geography Bee will be held at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois (next to Chicago) on the weekend of June 12-15, 2020.

OFFICIAL HOTEL POLICY: Staying at an official hotel is required for all students and families coming from outside a 3 hour driving radius per Google Maps.

Official Hotels

1. Hyatt Regency O’Hare – rooms are $149 (king) or $159 (double / double) –
Please click here to reserve rooms!

Rooms must be booked through the above link (and not by calling the hotel, booking on a third party website or any other method as we cannot track other booking methods to ensure compliance with the requirement to stay at the hotel).
Note that while our block of rooms is significantly larger than our block last year at Nationals (i.e. in June 2019), we still expect the room block at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare to sell out at least several months in advance. We would then designate additional official hotels, but we strongly recommend you to book as early as possible and stay at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, as it will certainly be the most convenient option.

Additional official hotels may be posted here in early 2020 if needed.

Registration for the 2020 IGB Middle & Elementary School National Championships and all other events being contested at the 2020 International Academic Competitions Middle & Elementary School National Championships will open by January 2020. When activated, a registration link will be posted here.

Nationals Schedule
A schedule of events and their start times of all events at International Academic Competitions’ 2020 Middle School and Elementary School National Championships, including the International Geography Bee, is now available for download here.

The cost to compete at the 2020 International Geography Bee US Middle School and Elementary School National Championships is $80 per student.

Refund Policy

1. Refund requested on or before May 20 (registration deadline) – refunded in full minus $25 processing fee.
2. Refund requested between May 21 and May 28 – 50% refund
3. Refund requested after May 31 – no refund

Competition Format

The 2020 IGB Middle School and Elementary School National Championships feature 3 preliminary rounds with 30 buzzer-based tossup questions each for all age divisions and 2 final rounds for the top students. Tossup questions used are 4-5 lines long. There will be 2 rounds of playoffs. 32 students will qualify for the Semifinals in the 7th Grade and 8th Grade Divisions and 24 will qualify for the Semifinals in the Elementary School and 6th Grade Divisions. In each Division, 8 students will then qualify for the Finals. Please click here for questions from past years to practice with, as well as a link to the content distribution file!

Note that these are the same qualification rules as for the US Geography Championships National Championships – if a student has qualified for one, by definition, they have qualified for the other.

Students can qualify for USGC and IGB Nationals in any of the following ways:

On any D, E, F, G, or H Set Version of the National Qualifying Exam, students qualify for Nationals if they obtain any of these scores:

8th Grade: 50
7th Grade: 45
6th Grade: 40
5th Grade and Younger: 35

Students may also qualify for the 2020 US Geography Championships and International Geography Bee Middle School and Elementary Division National Championships by qualifying for the USGC/IGB Junior Varsity Division’s National Championships on the A, B, or C Set version of the National Qualifying Exam. These are offered at all National History Bee and Bowl Varsity and Junior Varsity Regional and State tournament sites. Students must finish in the top half of JV students at their site, or otherwise finish above the A, B, or C Set National Median Scores, or score 40 or higher (if in 7th or 8th grade) or 25 or higher (if in 6th grade and younger). Qualifying on the basis of scoring at least 40 or 25 only qualifies eligible students for the Middle School or Elementary National Championships, not the JV one though.

Students only need to qualify off any one of the five versions of the USGC/IGB Middle School and Elementary School National Qualifying Exam (or through any of the three JV Exam versions). A non-qualifying score on any other version of the Exam does not disqualify a student from attending Nationals.

Finally, Middle School and Elementary School students who finish in the top 50% of students in an International Geography Bee Regional Quiz Tournament also qualify for Nationals. At these tournaments, 7th and 8th graders compete together, and students in 6th grade and younger compete together. Students can qualify for Nationals by finishing either in the top 50% of students in their specific grade (for 6th-8th graders), among all 5th graders and younger (for Elementary School students), or in the combined totals of 7th & 8th graders OR the combined totals of all 6th graders and younger.

A total of $20,000 worth of prizes will be on offer at IAC 2020 IAC Middle School and Elementary School National Championships! Click here to download a file showing how these prizes are allocated, including prizes for the International Geography Bee. Medals, plaques, and/or trophies will also be awarded to the top finishers.

General Information on the IGB USA National Championships – All Age Divisions

Each US National Championships of the International Geography Bee consists exclusively of buzzer-based quiz competition using pyramidal style paragraph-length questions that progress from harder to easier information. This is in contrast to the exam based US Geography Championships, which is also contested at both sites; schedules are designed to allow students to compete in both USGC and IGB. Further details about both national championship events are below: for further questions about the US IGB National Championships in any age division, please email info@iacompetitions.com.

Practice questions from past years’ Quiz Bowl Tournaments at the US Geography Championships’ National Championships can be found on the USGC website here.

For further questions, please contact info@iacompetitions.com