International Academic Competitions is excited to announce that the 2023 Varsity & Junior Varsity US National Championships of the International Geography Bee will be held April 2023 in Arlington, Virginia. Please visit for more information.

Registration for the 2023 International Geography Bee Varsity / JV National Championships will open later this fall.

All students competing at Nationals must have qualified for it through the National Qualifying Exam. You can take the IGB Varsity / JV National Qualifying Exam in one of two ways; either at a Varsity/JV National History Bee and Bowl tournament site or online.

Students who finish in the top half of students taking the NQE at their Exam Site or students who finish in the top 50% of all students across the USA on any given version of the NQE once the National Median Scores are calculated then qualify for the National Championships. The National Median Scores are calculated for all scores that have been reported as of January 1 for C Set, February 1 for B Set, and March 10 for the A Set versions of the National Qualifying Exam. The qualification process is the same for USGC and IGB – by definition, if a student has qualified for one, they have qualified for the other.


More information about the schedule will appear here when it becomes available.


More information about the format will also appear here when it becomes available.