The 2020 Varsity & Junior Varsity US National Championships of the International Geography Bee will be held online between November 13 and December 20. Please visit for more information.

Registration for the 2020 International Geography Bee Varsity / JV National Championships is now open!

All students competing at Nationals must have qualified for it through the National Qualifying Exam. You can take the IGB Varsity / JV National Qualifying Exam in one of two ways; either at a Varsity/JV National History Bee and Bowl tournament site or with a teacher / community proctor.

Please see details here on the US Geography Championships Nationals website. The qualification process is the same for USGC and IGB – by definition, if a student has qualified for one, they have qualified for the other.

Note that US Geography Championships events are shown here for convenience as well. A full schedule for all events on IAC Varsity and Junior Varsity Nationals Weekend is available here.

Friday, April 24
There is no formal check in process – students should simply report to their Round 1 Room Assignment (these will be posted publicly at the hotel, online, and will be sent by email to participants in advance) by 5:00 PM. Round 1 will begin at 5:05 PM sharp!

Note: After Round 1, IGB round start times are approximate! We will start the next round as soon as all games in a particular flight of matches are done.

Time Event Location
All Day Help Desk & Souvenir Stand Open Desk outside Grand Ballroom
12:00pm US Geography Championships Staff Meeting Arlington Ballroom 3 and 4
12:30pm-1:45pm US Geography Championships Exams Part 1 Gamerooms, suites, etc.
1:55pm-3:10pm US Geography Championships Exams Part 2 Gamerooms, suites, etc.
4:20pm Intl. Geography Bee Staff Meeting Arlington Ballroom 3 and 4
5:05pm-5:40pm Intl. Geography Bee US National Championships Rd. 1 Gamerooms, suites, etc.
5:40pm-6:15pm Intl. Geography Bee US National Championships Rd. 2 Gamerooms, suites, etc.
6:15pm-6:45pm Intl. Geography Bee US National Championships Rd. 3 Gamerooms, suites, etc.
7:05pm-8:00pm IAC National Championships Opening Ceremonies Arlington Ballroom 3 and 4
8:20pm-8:55pm Intl. Geography Bee Semifinal Round Ballroom Salons
8:55pm-9:30pm Intl. Geography Bee Final Round Ballroom Salons
9:30pm-9:40pm Intl. Geography Bee Awards Presented Arlington Ballroom 3 and 4


Preliminary Round Scoring System and Rules for the International Geography Bee Varsity & JV US National Championships

Note: All information posted here on this website is considered the Official Rules. On specific matters of protests, tournament conduct, and contingencies not addressed here, the files accessible here for Answer Acceptance and the Official Bowl Rules file apply as needed.

The IGB Varsity and JV National Championships will feature 3 preliminary rounds and 2 playoff rounds. Each round has 35 tossup questions that are 5-7 lines in length.

The semifinals consist of 3 rooms of 8 players on a round of 35 tossup questions. The top 3 in each room advance to the finals. If a student reaches 40 points in the semifinals, they are finished and automatically advance to the finals; if three players reach 40 points before all 35 tossups are read, the round is played to completion for everyone else. Ties are played off for positions 1st through 3rd as needed to determine who advances to the finals. These are played on the “sudden victory” principle – a correct response advances a player, but an incorrect response does not eliminate a player. Ties for semifinalist positions (10th through 24th-40th) are determined by the score in the playoff round, then preliminary rank.

The finals consists of 1 room with 9 players on a round of 35 tossup questions. In the finals, if a student reaches 40 points before anyone else, that student wins; the round is played to completion for everyone else. Subsequent students who hit 40 points would rank second, third, etc. Ties are played off for all positions in the Finals (1st through 9th) using “sudden victory” questions.

The prelims use the standard Bee scoring system: one point for a correct answer, minus one point for the third incorrect interrupted answer, and no penalties for other incorrect answers. The playoffs use the IAC Championships Individual Event Preliminary Rounds Scoring System and Rules with superpowers and incorrect penalties.

The official hotel for the 2020 Varsity and Junior Varsity IGB National Championships is the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Crystal City, Arlington, VA. We have secured a rate of $150 per night plus tax for quad occupancy. This rate is valid from Wednesday night April 22 through (i.e. including) Sunday night April 26. We will try and work with those who wish to extend their stay to also have this rate available on the extra nights, but cannot guarantee this, though the hotel has often extended this rate to most guests who book early enough. The hotel is connected by an underground walkway to a Metro station (i.e. the subway), which is about 3 minutes away. From the hotel to the center of DC it is only 3-4 stops. Between the hotel and the subway stop is an underground shopping mall with numerous food options for all price ranges. Internet access is free in the lobby and the competition rooms; in the bedrooms it is extra, but between smart phones and complimentary internet in the lobby, this shouldn’t be a major concern.

To make reservations at the host hotel (i.e. the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA), please click on this link to make your reservation online. Please do NOT call any number to make reservations, as you will then not be counted as part of our group, and receive the group rate. For general questions regarding the hotel, you can call the Crystal Gateway Marriott directly at 703-920-3230. Please note that the hotel has sold out our room block every year! Please be sure to book early to reserve your rooms!

After 5pm on Friday, free parking can be found in the Crystal City complex (though NOT at the hotel itself!) The hotel is also located only about half a mile from Reagan National Airport, and there is a free airport shuttle as well. We recommend you fly into Reagan National if you plan on flying. Guests who fly will not need to rent cars to get around.

A file with a list of prizes on offer is available for download here. For IGB, all prizes at Nationals consist of discounts that can be applied towards admission at the 2020 IGB World Championships. These discounts are combinable with discounts won in the 2018-2019 academic year at Nationals, as well as with discounts won in the Middle School or Elementary School Divisions. Discounts will not be converted to cash if someone cannot attend, and are not transferable to a later IGB World Championships, nor to the International History Olympiad. If students win discounts at the 2020 IGB National Championships and have already paid for their registration fees, the discounts will be refunded back to their families in cash.

The cost of the 2020 International Geography Bee US Varsity and Junior Varsity Division National Championships is $85 per student. Entry fees must be paid by check to “International Academic Competitions.” Payments must be sent to the following address and received by April 15.

IAC Nationals
PO Box 875
Tenafly, NJ 07670