IGB participants will stay at the A&O Hostel Mitte during the IGB World Championships. Located in the heart of Berlin, next to the River Spree, the hostel will be where all participants stay, at least until our block of rooms is filled. After that we would look to find another hostel, but there may be a slight increase in price. Some events (i.e. the Team Quiz) will take place at the hostel as well.

For students competing as well in the International History Olympiad, after the night of July 14 (i.e. on July 15), your bags will be transferred to the Olympiad Youth Hostel at Berlin-Wannsee. Students just coming for IGB will stay at the A&O Hostel throughout their stay.

It is not typically permitted to stay at a spot apart from our group unless you live or attend school in the city of Berlin or have a health issue that precludes this (see below). Students who live or attend school in the city of Berlin can take part as day students for 50% of the posted prices. This does not include overnight accommodations or breakfast (it does include lunch and dinner). Students taking part in this option are responsible for their own transportation (i.e. we will not provide chaperones or cover prices) between their homes and venues

Students with health needs who need to stay with a parent(s) or guardian at the parents and family hotel may do this. If they do this at double occupancy, the parent pays single occupancy, and then there is no surcharge for the student. If the student stays with two people in the room, and the room is thus triple occupancy, there is a $100 surcharge for the student ($150 if competing in both Intl. Geography Bee World Championships and the Intl. History Olympiad), and the parents otherwise pay double occupancy.